"The use of Virtual Reality (VR) in e-learning isn’t new. However, it’s an area of the online learning market that is yet to be refined.


Although Adobe’s Captivate might not leave your students feeling as though they’ve truly stepped into the Louvre in Paris, it comes as a decent second best. In addition to giving you the chance to create a 360-degree environment that students can explore, it provides the option of the following features:

  • You can encourage students to interact with certain areas
  • Students can zoom in on key objects and click on boxes that offer more information about them
  • There’s the option of creating quizzes, which could prove useful when measuring performance and encouraging motivational factors

Depending on how you choose to use the features above, this could generate an exciting new frontier for those who use VR as part of their learning experience. Let’s explore some of the possibilities."

Source: darlodigital.com

Gutes Feedback auf die VR- (Virtuelle Realität) Möglichkeiten des neuen Adobe Captivate 2019.


Stellt sich die Frage: Wird nun die unlängst neu angeschaffte 360-Grad-Kamera unserer HoloLens – dem technischem Schlüssel zu überzeugender AR (Augmented Reality) – den Rang ablaufen?